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Affordable Medical Announces Sponsorship of Tony Torres at This Year’s WCMX Championship

As a company intent on making a positive impact in the lives of many, starting with their fast-convenient home delivery of Urological Catheters, Diapers, and Pullups, Affordable Medical this week proudly announced they are sponsoring Tony Torres, a WCMX Athlete, Mentor, Graphic Artist, and Author of Jimmy Wheelz and the Minilights, for his second competition at this year’s WCMX Championship. To compete in his second consecutive WCMX Championship from this April 22 to the 23, Torres is a clear favorite to come home with the win in his respective categories.

Torres, after receiving word of the sponsorship announcement, thanked Affordable Medical for making his WCMX dreams a reality. “Without sponsorships from incredible companies like Affordable Medical, I wouldn’t be able to travel to the WCMX Championship and show handicapped children that anything is possible, regardless of their physical state or condition. I’m excited to represent everyone who has ever thought being in a wheelchair would prevent them from partaking in adventurous, high-risk sports.”

Torres’ performance is one of the most highly anticipating for the 2017 championship as he left audiences wowed with his 2016 debut. Torres came in second in his Intermediate class in 2016, and is a viable contender for bringing home the gold in the same class this year. To be held a the Alliance Skate Park in Grand Prairie, Texas, the championship event will kick off with an Opening Ceremony, and play host to Adaptive Skate, WCMX Beginners Clinic, WCMX Beginner Division, and an Intermediate Division.

Affordable Medical, with a combined 25-years of experience providing Superior Service and home delivery of Urological Catheters, Diapers, and Pullups to the Spina Bifida, and Spinal Cord Injury community! Believing in Torres and his dreams to win the WCMX, they felt sponsoring him as an athlete only made sense for this year’s competition. Plus, Torres doesn’t just stop with his community involvement as an athlete. He is also the author of Jimmy Wheelz and the Minilights, children’s literature that makes the discussion of wheelchair athletics more accessible to handicapped children and their families.

Torres is presently in the process of training and refining his performance for the big day later this April. He will be traveling to the 2017 championships with is trainer, cousin, and manager: Anthony Quinones.

To see Tony and friends in action mentoring up-and-coming WCMX athletes, visit:
Sponsored by Affordable Medical visit us at

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