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        Catheter for women Tampa

        Catheters are life saving devices. They should not require you to stretch your budget or risk a trip to the medical supply store. offers a catheter for women in in Tampa with a steady monthly supply to ensure you never run out of these vital devices.

        Do men and women use different catheters?

        While catheters can be used after medical procedures, there are biological differences that make it impossible for men and women to use the same product. Urinary catheter supplies differ greatly.

        Men have longer urethras than women. The length of the catheter used in each situation differs due to this. Female catheters are less expensive due to this.

        What are the best female catheters?

        Quality catheters are single use devices that are sturdy, made form quality plastic, and easy to use. There are many different types of products from trusted brans that are discrete intuitive to use.

        The types of catheters we offer include:

        • Twist catheters
        • Closed System Catheters
        • Hydrophilic catheters
        • Non-hydrophilic catheters

        Discreteness and ease of use determine which type you should use. Whichever option you need, make sure you pick a brand like Cure with a proven track record of successful innovation.

        Twist Catheters

        Cure Twist catheters for women are easy to use. Pull them out of their packaging, twist off the cap, and guide them into place.

        These devices come with a polished eyelet. Urinary catheters from Cure are still small enough to stick in your pocket or purse and cheap enough to fall within Medicare and Medicaid.

        Straight Catheters

        When you know exactly what you want, a straight catheter is the ideal solution. These catheters come without lubrication. You need a special gel to use them.

        The Cure Twist is a straight catheter. There is some additional work required despite being easy to use.

        Closed System Catheters

        Many diseases affect the ability to urinate or require drainage. Closed system catheters are the perfect solution for when bacteria is a concern.

        The MTG Cath-Lean Closed system for women uses a soft silicone introducer tip designed to shield the device from contact with bacteria located within the first half-inch of the urethra. An advancer valve allows for effortless catheterization.

        Hydrophilic Catheters

        Hydrophilic catheters come pre-lubricated. There is no need for additional gel. They are the perfect option for anyone experiencing pain, pressure, or discomfort.

        Every catheter comes lubricated for optimal glide. There is no need to fine-tune your gel application.

        Insurance for Catheters takes many forms of insurance. Medicare and Medicaid offer a month-long supply of up to 100 catheters. Most people will need only two or three per day.

        Never reuse these devices. It is discouraged by the FDA. Use your insurance to pay for catheters.

        Catheters for Women in Tampa

        Men and women require different catheters. Biological differences mean that you need to find the device that works for you. Female catheters can be hydrophilic, non-hydrophilic, straight, or closed. makes finding a catheter for women in Tamp simple. We deliver a month-long supply of these devices to your door, taking most forms of insurance. Get in touch with us today for free samples of catheter supplies.

        Catheter for women Tampa