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        Mens catheters Raleigh NC

        Affordable Medical offers the best men’s catheters in Raleigh, NC, at reasonable rates. Insurance companies typically cover the general costs of our products and services, but each buyer will have to check with their insurance provider.

         Free samples of the brands we offer at Affordable Medical can be accessed to allow consumers to try out multiple options. With our variety of available brands, you are sure to find the medical and incontinence supplies you need at a price you can afford.

        Most package sizes are available for bulk purchases, but one order can contain up to thirty units. Package sizes can come with as many as one hundred units, but this count can vary from brand to brand and product to product. Men tend to require longer catheters, which is why we have length options as long as sixteen inches.

        Brands of Catheters Available

        When you purchase catheters for men at Affordable Medical, you can expect options from brands like Cure Catheter and McKesson. Each brand has multiple options for men to select from, such as twist catheters. Home medical supply options shouldn’t be limited or restricted to ensure the patient receives the best products and care.

        The basic single-use catheter for men from Cure Catheter is equipped with polished eyelets for comfort. Both male and female length options are offered, but men will find the size they need quickly.

        Male styles are typically uncoated, but there are options with hydrophilic coatings. Not every patient prefers hydrophilic coatings, but no BPA latex is present in any of the urinary supplies we present. Dual openings make many models more comfortable to use and dispose of. The comfort of each patient is what matters most to us at Affordable Medical.

        Disposable Wipes for Men

        In addition to men’s catheters, our company also offers disposable wipes and diapers for men. McKesson offers their Stay Dry disposable wipes that are thick, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. These wipes are designed for pediatric use, but many adult patients have found the wipes to be useful in creating a protective layer from moisture. The two-ply material is strong and durable, which makes them ideal for larger patients.

        Cure Ultra for men is another catheter option available at Affordable Medical. This catheter is already lubricated, but it doesn’t leave behind a mess. This model is perfect for those who self cath because the insertion and removal process is smooth and straightforward. This lightweight model doesn’t drip and has a griper sleeve to make removal a breeze.

        Start Shopping Right Now

        You can explore the various options for men’s catheters at Affordable Medical right now. Anyone who has questions or wants to order free samples should call our toll free number at 1-888-991-9945. Our staff is always happy to provide guidance and assistance to our customers at Affordable Medical.

        Size guides and instructional guides are available to take advantage of when purchasing men’s catheters. Besides products for men, our company also has pediatric supplies, women’s catheters, medical supplies, and diabetic supplies.

        Mens catheters Raleigh NC