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        WCMX LIfe

        On June 16th, 2018, the Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida hosted their 2nd WCMX clinic at the Lakeland Skatepark in Lake Bonny.The event, sponsored by Affordable Medical, LLC, was a great success. With the help of ASF Adaptive Sports and Me & U Fitness Academy, new attendees experienced what WCMX (Wheelchair Motocross) is all about. Not only is the WCMX fun, but also strengthens wheelchair users and sharpens maneuvering abilities that help in everyday life, all while breaking down stereotypes of what wheelchairs users are capable of.

        Jerry Diaz and I were able to show new riders WCMX safety, pusher guidelines, and some basic wheelchair control. As pro-WCMX athletes, helping others get involved is something we are both extremely passionate about. We enjoy seeing the smiles on newcomers when they face their fears and shred up the park.

        Speaking from my experience, it is a remarkable feeling landing something that at first glance seems impossible, dangerous and even a bit crazy. However, when I drop in, rail slide, grind and maneuver down some shady looking stairs, I quickly find out the only person holding me back from the impossible, is me and my fear. Once I face that, then the world opens up to endless possibilities.

        As Florida WCMX continues to grow, and more families get involved, organizations like Affordable Medical, LLC play an important role. Through their support, programs, clinics, and sponsorships they pave the way to make things possible for athletes like myself, accomplish goals. Not only does Affordable Medical, LLC keep the best interest of the client in mind when it comes to medical supplies, they are also helping push WCMX forward by providing the necessities for others to get involved. From safety gear to pro athlete sponsorships and clinics, Affordable Medical, LLC has definitely been a pillar in the Florida WCMX community, assisting whenever possible.

        An endless array of thanks goes to David Cardona and the rest of the Affordable Medical, LLC staff, for believing in WCMX and taking steps to make it possible for athletes to reach their goals.

        Be sure to support and spread the word about Affordable Medical, LLC. They are not only they providing quality services and products, they are also helping the community by supporting adaptive sports, fitness, health and wellness activities throughout the region.

        There is no doubt that if we are healthy and strong, we will have the strength to take on anything.

        By Tony Torres
        Pro WCMX Athlete

        Edited by, Jessie Cardona

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